Learn tai chi online. Meditation practice at home videos.

Learn the ancient art of taijiquan as it is traditionally taught in its homeland right in the comfort of your own home. We will be offering video packages for the absolute beginner starting from the basics and working our way through to more advanced movements with step-by-step instruction. Standing meditation is the foundation of taijiquan and will be the subject of our first package. Learn the basic principles to get you started on the right path not only with your taijiquan practice, but also to help you develop peace and clarity of heart and mind. Your taijiquan practice will slowly transform the nervous system to react counterintuitively so that rather than reacting with tension and force to stressful situations, we can instead react with a calm and focused awareness.

The first video package is due this summer. Sign up for our emails and we will send a link right to your inbox when it is ready for purchase!