Private Classes for Beginners

Alicia McGrann Tai Chi Instructor in Las Vegas School

Alicia has been practicing Chen style taijiquan (tai chi) since 2003 and continues to return to Chen Village (Chenjiagou), the birthplace of taijiquan, to delve deeper into her own personal practice. She is excited to pass on the knowledge and skill which she has developed over the years to benefit serious, diligent students. With patience and care she will guide the student to correct posture and body mechanics while developing a relaxed flow to enhance vital energy (qi). As coordination of the body progresses, the mind and body begin to unite creating deeper awareness and sensitive control. After years of consistent practice, the student can benefit from increased balance, rooted steadiness, and calmness in the body as well as the mind. Health benefits of practicing taijiquan are numerous. 

Anyone of any age can train in taijiquan because of the slow pace but it can be more of a challenge than is realized. Transference of the skill is very personalized because every body is different and adjustments need to be made in order to correct alignment and posture, therefore, private classes are recommended for the beginner to get adjusted to the way of learning and thinking that is required for successful integration.

You are encouraged to contact us to schedule your class now. Payment is required in advance and can be taken care of on our website here:

or at a scheduled meeting at least 24 hours before your scheduled class.

Thank you for your interest in the Chen family lineage of taijiquan. We look forward to meeting with you.