Tai Chi Instructional Videos are HERE for new and current students.

Click HERE for Instructional videos. 

I hope when you reach this post you are well and healthy. We are living in unfortunate times and being as we must practice social distancing, there is no reason many of us cannot continue to connect online and make the best with what we have.

It has been my ambition to make online taichi tutorials for anyone who does not have access to a taichi teacher or simply prefers to learn in the comfort of their own homes at their own convenience. With my busy life put on hold, I now have the freedom to fulfill this task. 

Videos will be uploaded on Vimeo which you can access through this website. They will be free for a limited time. The videos are not designed for beginners at this point as I am fulfilling requests for my current students. BEGINNER videos are in the works though! Use the green tag at the bottom of your screen to contact me with your email and I will send you a link to the free videos as soon as they are ready!

My wish is to share my knowledge of tai chi as I have learned it from my teacher Chen Ziqiang for the benefit of anyone looking for a self-cultivating practice. 

Thank you and be safe. 🙏

Click HERE for Instructional videos.