Tai Chi Workshop Classes with Chen Huixian in Las Vegas, February 2017

Chen Huixian, 12th generation bloodline successor of Chen Family Taijiquan, with over 400 years of development in Chen Jiagou, China, will be teaching a seminar at Shaolin Kungfu Chan in Las Vegas, NV, USA. This course is for beginner and intermediate students of taijiquan.

Chen Huixian Las Vegas taiji workshop

Friday, February 24
9am-11:30am ($65) - Standing Meditation & Silk Reeling
1pm-3:30pm ($65) - Push Hands Basics

Saturday, February 25
8am-10am ($60) - LaoJia Yi Lu
4pm-7pm ($70) - LaoJia Yi Lu

Sunday, February 26
8am-10am ($60) - LaoJia Yi Lu
4pm-7pm ($70) - LaoJia Yi Lu

One hour private classes $120
Full 3-day course $350 if paid by Jan. 20, 2017
2-day Laojia Yi Lu course $240 if paid by Jan. 20, 2017

Course description:
1) The benefits of standing meditation are plentiful, but to put it simply, it helps to relax the mind and body as well as find your center and correct body alignment which not only help with the practice of taijiquan but with keeping your calm in daily life. It is recommended to practice standing meditation for at least 20 minutes a day.
2) Through smooth, circular motions, silk reeling exercises are basic standing exercises which help the taijiquan practitioner at any stage of progress to develop strength, flow, body/mind awareness, and control.
3) Push hands practice is a form of silk reeling practiced with a partner. Martial applications are put to use in push hands practice. Training starts slow and simple with circular movements to help the student develop sensitivity to the direction of movement and intention of the opponent. Silk reeling and form practice help the taijiquan practitioner develop awareness and control of one’s own central equilibrium and movements; push hands helps to develop this awareness and control of another’s central equilibrium and movements. One of the basic principles is to use the opponent’s force against themselves, thus putting in action the saying, “deflect a thousand pounds with 4 ounces of power.”
4) Laojia Yi Lu is a form which consists of slow, smooth movements which utilize the silk reeling exercises with steps moving in all directions. There are few explosive, power moves throughout the form which help to begin development of "fali" or "fajin," explosive martial power. It is described as the mother form and traditionally precedes practice of other taijiquan forms. Practicing this form in its entirety can take from 12 to 20+ minutes depending on speed of practice. Making this a part of your daily training will help to condition the body and focus the mind which can reap many health and martial benefits.

Chen Huixian Las Vegas 2017 taijiquan workshop

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