Beginner Tai Chi Classes

Beginner Tai Chi Classes in Las Vegas School


Explore your potential through the ancient art of tai chi, reconnecting your mind, body, and energy.

We will focus on basic fundamentals for the absolute beginner through step-by-step instruction and repetition to get you started on the right path with your tai chi practice. Over time, consistent training can transform the nervous system to react counterintuitively so that rather than reacting with the normal tension and force to stressful situations in life, we can instead react with a calm and focused awareness to work on a more harmonious and peaceful solution. Be more "alive" as your life energy builds through the practice and develop natural, spontaneous movement which springs from living in the moment and going with the flow with intention and control.


Standing Meditation: setting up your foundation; discovering movement within stillness; transformation of heart and mind to a peaceful state of clarity; grow your root and strengthen your equilibrium; develop deep relaxation

Silk Reeling: starting the flow of energy from a stationary position; introduction to correct body mechanics and whole body coordination; begin to develop awareness and control of subtle energy; continue to discover deep relaxation while in motion 

Old Frame, First Road: culminate the principles of tai chi through a sequence of flowing postures; begin the development of total unification of mind, energy, and body; cultivate stillness of heart and mind within movement

At this time, due to the pandemic, we are only accepting new students to 1-2-1 private classes. Contact us to schedule a time.