Alicia McGrann

China Intangible Cultural Heritage - Chenjiagou TaijiquanAlicia McGrann Taichi Instructor Las Vegas School

- Martial artist since 1995.

- Co-owner of Shaolin Kungfu Chan since 2005.

- Tai chi instructor at Shaolin Kungfu Chan since 2014.

Alicia McGrann and Chen Ziqiang Tai Chi Instructor Las Vegas Studio

(Chenjiagou, China with Master Chen Ziqiang)

Alicia McGrann has trained with multiple Masters and Grandmasters in the Chen Family Lineage at home and in Chen Village, China (the birthplace of taijiquan). She has been learning and practicing taijiquan since 2003 and began teaching in 2014. Taijiquan is her passion and does not go a day without it. She is dedicated to helping spread awareness of traditional Chen taijiquan as it is taught in Chen Village, China and hopes to enrich the lives of those who have the interest to learn this ancient art with her.  

Alicia McGrann Tai Chi International Grand Champion

(2008 Chinese Martial Arts Tournament at UC Berkeley, CA)

Alicia started competing in martial arts tournaments in 1996 and has since earned the title of International Grand Champion in the Women's Tai Chi Division two times in addition to receiving multiple gold and silver medals in Taekwondo and Shaolin Kungfu.

Tai Chi Performance Las Vegas, Meditation in Motion

(Chinese New Year performances.)

Alicia McGrann Tai Chi Instructor Las Vegas School

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 Partners with:

Shi Xing Wei 

Shi Xing Wei of Shaolin Kungfu Chan teaching kung fu and tai chi classes in Las Vegas

- 32nd generation Shaolin Temple Master from Shaolin Temple, Henan, China.

- Founder and co-owner of Shaolin Kungfu Chan since 2005.

- Principle Instructor of Shaolin Kungfu Chan, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

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