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"I was drawn to Alicia's work from watching a video of this young woman doing beautiful moves in the graceful quiet surf.  It was the perfect way to capture her beauty, the beauty of Tai Chi and the rhythm of the ocean.  I was even more surprised to feel that same calmness in her Tutorial videos where she breaks down the moves I've watched over and over.
Alicia's calm nature translates perfectly in the tutorials.  Breaking each movement down and giving great kinesthetic cues that make it even clearer.  Alicia is a wonderful guide into the world of Tai Chi."


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WHAT'S NEW: 1. Double Broadsword Section; 2. Posture 9, Part 1 (Section 1); 3. Tai Chi Fan Section ; 4. Postures 3 & 4 Blend (Section 1); 5. Postures 2 & 3 Blend (Section 1)

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Warm Ups & Exercises for Tai Chi 

Section 1 - Laojia Yi Lu

Section 2 - Laojia Yi Lu

Section 3 - Laojia Yi Lu

Section 4 - Laojia Yi Lu

Section 5 - Laojia Yi Lu

Tai Chi Fan

Double Broadsword


Laojia Yi Lu Posture Names:

Section 1

  1. Opening Stance, Prepare (Qi Shi, Yu Bei Shi)
  2. Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar
  3. Tying Back the Coat
  4. Six Sealing and Four Closing
  5. Single Whip
  6. Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar
  7. White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  8. Diagonal Stance
  9. Gather at Knees
  10. Three Steps Forward
  11. Diagonal Stance
  12. Gather at Knees
  13. Step Forward and Cross at Wrists
  14. Hidden Punch
  15. Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar 


Section 2

16. Leaning Body Fist

17. Blue Dragon Comes Out of Water

18. Double Palm Push

19. Elbow on Top of Fist

20. Back Stepping

21. White Crane Spreads Wings

22. Diagonal Stance

23. Flashing Over the Back

24. Hidden Punch

25. Six Sealing and Four Closing

26. Single Whip

27. Cloud Hands

28. High Pat on Horse


Section 3

29. Right Slap Kick

30. Left Slap Kick

31. Left Heel Kick

32. Three Steps Forward

33. Rushing to the Ground

34. Double Kick

35. Protect the Heart Punch

36. Tornado Kick

37. Right Heel Kick

38. Hidden Punch

39. Small Catching and Hitting

40. Embracing the Head and Pushing the Mountain

41. Six Sealing and Four Closing

42. Single Whip


Section 4

43. Forward Trick

44. Backward Trick

45. Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane

46. Six Sealing and Four Closing

47. Single Whip

48. Jade Maiden Works the Shuttle

49. Tying Back the Coat

50. Six Sealing and Four Closing

51. Single Whip


Section 5

52. Cloud Hands

53. Double Lotus Kick

54. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg

55. Back Stepping

56. White Crane Spreads Its Wings

57. Diagonal Stance

58. Flashing Over the Back

59. Hidden Punch

60. Six Sealing and Four Closing

61. Single Whip

62. Cloud Hands

63. High Pat on Horse


Section 6

64. The Cross Feet

65. Punch to the Crotch

66. White Ape Presents Fruit

67. Six Sealing and Four Closing

68. Single Whip

69. The Dragon on the Ground

70. Step Forward to Get Seven Stars

71. Step Backward and Press Arms

72. Turning Around and Double Waving Like Lotus

73. Cannon Right Overhead

74. Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar

75. Closing Stance